1986 One Fly Event History

The Beginning

This is the year that marked the beginning of the One Fly Event. Individuals always remember firsts. They are the standard by which all that follow will be measured.

The 1986 One Fly Event was no exception. It is remembered for the tragic loss of fishing guide Peter Crosby. It also is remembered for one dominate fly discovered immortalized and seemingly irresistible to the Snake River Cutthroat. Jackson Hole’s Westbank Angler’s team, led by Reynolds Pomeroy, smoked ’em with a fly called the Lime Trude. Although other flies, including the Royal Wulff, Royal Coachman and Muddler Minnow, have proved reliable, it is the mention of the Lime Trude that will forever be associated with frothy rise forms and Snake River Cutthroat.

The 1986 One Fly Event set the standard that became a tradition. Created to foster friendships, sportsmanship, the simple enjoyment of fly fishing, and finally, to bring worthy attention to our Snake River fishery, the inaugural One Fly Event was a success.

Winning Fly

Lime Trude

The Trude has been around since the early 1900s, when Alfred Trude first cast his bucktail wind creation on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River near Island Park, Idaho in 1901. The Trude fly has been a popular creation among fly fishermen. The Lime Trude is a fly that was tied and fished by Reynolds Pomeroy of Westbank Anglers. In the first One Fly, he scored point after point with his lime green body, grizzly hackled, size 14 Trude, winning the 1986 event. Dubbed as the perfect One Fly (because it can be fished effectively, either wet or dry), the fly now is a standard in Jackson Hole, stocked in every fly shop in the region and a popular pick among One Fly participants.