1987 One Fly Event History

Smooth Sailing

1987 saw a team from Idaho, The Henry’s Fork Foundation, head downstream with the George Northup bronze, which is the One Fly Event’s first place traveling trophy. Fly fishing legend Mike Lawson led the four-man Henry’s Fork Foundation team to capture the two-day event. The event had 20 teams that year and represented many states, Washington D.C., and Canada. The U.S. Secretary of Interior, Donald Hodel, and Under-Secretary Bill Horne were honorary chairmen.

The Green Trude fly once again enjoyed great popularity and was labeled “The Yuppie Fly.” However, it was the Western Coachman pattern fished by Tom Knopick of the Durangler’s of Colorado that took top individual honors. It was the old reliable muddler minnow pattern that took the biggest fish. Neil Taylor of Santa Barbara, CA, brought a fat 21-inch cutthroat to net using this pattern.

Hooks without a barb became the rule in this catch-and-release event. Secretary of the Interior, Donald Hodel, did not escape a barb of another kind. Regarding the controversial re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park he was reported stating, “One should always have Wulffs when fishing in the contest.” Once again sportsmanship and friendship prevailed to make the 1987 One Fly Event a great success.

Winning Fly

Dry Muddler Minnow

Tom Knopick, a Top Gun for the visiting Duranglers team, fished a Dry Muddler to perfection. The Muddler has always been a popular pick of One Fly contestants because of its ability to imitate adult insects on the surface, yet, when fished under the surface, makes an excellent minnow imitation. The search for the perfect One Fly always seems to come down to a fly that can be fished both wet and dry. The Muddler has always been on everybody’s fly list. Many anglers—including legend Lee Wulff—believe that if they were limited to one fly for their entire fishing career, this would be their pick. There is no question about its ability to catch big fish in the event. The record, a 24+ inch cutthroat, was caught on a Muddler, as was the 1991 winner.