1989 One Fly Event History

The George & Pat Show

Regardless of the rainy weather, the 1989 Jackson Hole One Fly winner, George Anderson, was able to score big with this Stone Fly. With this, George propelled his team, Simms/Lifelink into the winner’s circle catching 78 trout on Saturday alone. The women were not outdone, when Pat Opler won the biggest fish award, landing a 24 1/8 inch yellow belly. This catch would seem to have been an unmatchable record for years to come, but was later beaten by a 25″+ monster. And, the fish taken in the 1989 One Fly indicated that the river had recovered from the low water which had plagued the fishery for six years. With the new Jackson Lake Dam completed, 1989 river flows were near normal with water temperatures cooler and insect life more plentiful insuring a bright future for the Snake River Cutthroat.

In 1989 there was a diverse group of participants including a team from Australia, TV Sports legend Curt Gowdy, Wyoming Governor Mike Sullivan and famous test pilot and astronaut, Chuck Yeager. This marked the first time the One Fly was filmed for television by the Fishing the West show. Once again, the Jackson Hole One Fly for 1989 was a big success and all had a memorable time as good fishing returned to the event.

Winning Fly

George’s Brown Rubber Leg Stone

In 1989, rain poured down but Montana guide and angling authority George Anderson was prepared. George understood the Snake River conditions and, being a tenacious angler, knew it was time to attack with a fly in which he had confidence. The rubber legs and the woven body of George’s creation gave the fly the right action as he fished it to perfection and smashed the competition with Air Jordan-type performance. George left everyone shaking their heads and wondering what had happened. Way to go George.