1990 One Fly Event History

Anderson and the Dreaded Tarantula

The 1990 event managed to elude the wrath of the weatherman, with blue skies, warm temperatures, and river flows at an all time high.

The fishing was good with many fat 16 to 19 inch trout released. Tom Gould landed the largest trout, a 21 1/4″ cutthroat, on his favorite pattern, the Royal Wulff, while fishing with the legend himself, Lee Wulff. 1989 individual winner, George Anderson, dubbed “the Ultimate Fly Fishing Predator,” by boat mate Joan Wulff, helped Team Simms repeat as champions, while barely edging out newcomers, Team Sage.

Each year, a fly becomes a legend and in 1990 the “The Turck Tarantula” sore lipped many a trout on George Anderson’s flyline.

Familiar faces such as. Gov. Sullivan, Curt Gowdy, Peter Coors, Chuck Yeager and U.S. Wildlife director John Turner returned and we were pleased to have saltwater guru, Stu Apte, the First Lady of fly fishing, Joan Wulff and patriarch of fly fishing, Lee Wulff with us as well. Sadly, it was Lee’s final autumn fishing season as he died in the spring, with his spirit warmly remembered by all.

Winning Fly

Turck Tarantula

Good weather came back to grace the One Fly in 1990. George Anderson was looking to repeat his performance but was at a loss as to what fly to pick. As any good guide knows, when in doubt, go to the people who know the water best. Because everybody knew George loved rubber legs, a fly was thrust in front of him for his inspection. It looked sort of like a Madame X, but sort of didn’t. It was unusual and right up George’s alley. He was told that it was a Turck Tarantula. With his patented grin, he snatched the fly from its creator, Guy Turck, with a promise that he would use it. He was willing to gamble and used the now infamous concoction. Quite simply, George kicked butt. The Turck Tarantula did its job and became the new One Fly champ. A star was born.