1992 One Fly Event History

Wind, Walter, Rabbit Fur and Voodoo

Probably what the contestants will remember most about the 1992 One Fly will be the gale force winds. After a picture perfect previous week, on the day before the One Fly anglers experienced probably the best day of fishing on the Snake River in recent history. It was a windless, clear, bright, late summer day that made everybody wish that summer would never end. On Saturday morning, the anglers were filled with anticipation for a rainless, snowless weekend and it proved to be just that, until mid-day when near-tornado force winds assaulted the contestants, dashing everyone’s hopes for a perfect One Fly. Honorary Chairman Gen. Joe Engel, a former astronaut and test pilot, compared the Snake River to the government wind tunnels used for aeronautical research!

From the armada of boats scattered in the nine sections of the Snake River, from Idaho to Wyoming, we received reports of many different experiences as a result of the wind. Some reports were that anglers were actually being pushed upstream! Many took refuge in the trees, waiting for the wind to subside. In spite of the wind, many anglers had impressive scores. One angler, Walter Ungermann, from Team U.S.A., scored a record 561 points in one day. He used a rabbit fur streamer fly, a Double Bunny.

In 1992 a new scoring system was adopted. Bonus points were now awarded for the six of eight largest fish anglers chose to measure. Each trout caught received two points regardless of its size. This rule change was adopted to minimize the handling of trout. Most everybody agreed that the rule change had made it a more challenging contest.

Tension was high as the winners were announced since seven teams were within several hundred points of each other. Rivermeadows, by the slim margin of 102 points, had won. Team U.S.A., captured second. Less that 100 points separated the next three teams. Team Sage finished third which finally ended their four year hold on second place. The Double Bunny had slain them, and Walter Ungermann and Peter Kellogg tied for first place in the category for the biggest trout, a 20 1/2″ native cutthroat.

Winning Fly

Double Bunny

In 1992, One Fly winner Walter Ungermann took the advice of guide Carter Andrews, who suggested that he try Scott Sanchez’ rabbit-fur creation on the South Fork. Walter, who had never used anyone else’s flies in the last four One Fly’s reluctantly tried Carter’s version of Scott’s fly on the first day. He promptly set a record with 560 points. The next day, he used the same fly to score another 500+ points and captured the individual title. This marked the first time a streamer fly ever won the event. Sanchez crafted the fly from two different colored rabbit pelts glued together. He cut them into quarter-inch strips and affixed eyes to the body. It is intended to mimic a small wounded fish.