1993 One Fly Event History

Walter Does It Again

Team U.S.A. captain Walter Ungermann captured the highest individual score for the second consecutive year. When assessing his performance, Walter observed, “I just fished, this time with a half Bunny.” As usual, speculation as to THE fly that will deceive the most fish was a closely guarded secret. National Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney complained, “it’s as hard to get any information about flies as it is trying to pry secrets out of the CIA.”

Walter’s points were spectacular, but they weren’t enough to propel his team to the top position. The Snake River Yacht Club with their stunning 1661 points became the team champion. John Simms caught a tournament record 25″ cutthroat with a Special Muddler.

When the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho was added to the event, it was speculated that its large browns would set the records, but for the last three years the winners have come from the Snake River in Wyoming. But who knows when it will be broken by a 27″-30″ brown from the South Fork. The river was good as rain and snow had threatened early on Saturday, but it turned out to be a decent weekend on both rivers.

It was the second time that an amateur angler had won the individual award two times in a row, and marked the second time that the record large fish had been broken on the same year. However, 1993 will probably be remembered best for the excitement of so many teams being close to winning. There was a possibility of six or seven teams winning and the competition went right down to the last day – perhaps even the last hours. The individual champion’s spot was up for grabs until the very end. The real winner was the river itself and how well it fished compared to the first time the event was held.

Winning Fly

Double Bunny

In 1993, Walter took the Single Bunny and crafted a slightly sparser version of the Scott Sanchez Double Bunny, creating what he called the Half Bunny. The Half Bunny is tied with glass eyes and two rabbit strips glued together, cut very short, thus its name. Walter fished the Half Bunny on a sinking line deep into the runs and on deep pools of both the Snake and the South Fork rivers. The high winds of the day made dry fly fishing difficult, but Walter’s deep rig proved to be the winning combination, scoring him more than 800 points to win the 1993 individual honors.