1994 One Fly Event History

Third Time's a Charm

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Double Bunny fly scored another victory, but this time attached to Carter Andrews’ line. The competition was dazzled as Andrews won the individual award with 1209 points, a One Fly record.

First place team honors went to “The Boys,” an amateur team, who were never in contention in the past. “The Boys” won the event but the girls won the hearts of all participants. Female angler Edie Gangwer placed second behind Andrews, the best finish by a woman. “The Ladies of the Long Rod,” a team of women from all over the country, finished in fourth place, again the best finish by a women’s team. The crowd roared with appreciation and agreed this was certainly “the year of the woman.” The biggest fish caught was a 22-incher, caught on the South Fork by Belgian Guido Vinch, a member of the first European team in our event.

For the third year running, the individual title was won with a streamer fly. It was noted that when one angler casts a streamer and another a dry fly from the same boat, fishing can be a disaster.

There were many new teams this year, including the Australian Qantas team, who delighted everyone with their colorful clothing, miniature Koala bear pins and tales from “down under.”

Winning Fly

Double Bunny

In 1994, the Double Bunny was victorious again. Carter Andrews, who had tied the “Son of Bunny” for 1993 winner Walter Ungermann, was the angler who fished it to perfection. Carter set a record for the most points ever scored in the One Fly history. Carter fished the fly deep, with amazing results on the South Fork river on Saturday. He racked up more than 900 points, and followed on Sunday with 500 points to cinch the title of “Top Rod.” Changes in the One Fly’s 1995 rules limit the hook size to an 8 and length to 3x. The Double Bunny will not disappear, it will just be more challenging.