1995 One Fly Event History

10th Anniversary of the One Fly

The 10th Anniversary of the Jackson Hole One Fly celebration was highlighted by speculation over which fly would emerge the winner after the three-year reign of the Double Bunny. Though the Bunny was not technically banned the largest allowable hook size would be a number 8 with a 3X shank which essentially removed big streamer patterns form the competitive picture. The decision to go wet or dry was a grueling one to make and many competitors opted for a switch-hitting pattern that could work either way. A popular fly was the Sanchez AC-DC Convertible for those who wanted to fish both ways.

Utah’s Gary Eckman used a dry Chernobyl Ant to take the amateur title. There was a three way tie among Tom Smith, Denny Andersen, and Laurie Matcham for first place in the big fish category with 22-inchers. In the team category, Team Coeur D’Alene took top honors. And, unbelievable as it may seem, Team Sage won an unprecedented fifth “Second Place.”

Other major highlights included the introduction of a new award – The Top Gun – won by Jackson’s Joe Bressler. The Top Gun was instituted as a way for the pros in the event to be recognized in competing only with their peers for honors. Mr. Curt Gowdy was our honorary chairman and was joined on the Wyoming team with Senator Al Simpson and future Vice President Dick Cheney.

Winning Fly

Chernobyl Ant

The winning fly of 1995’s One Fly was out of the ordinary, as its name suggests. This foam-bodied fly is the product of the guides of Flaming Gorge—namely Emmette Heath. While the winning fly propelled amateur Gary Eckman into the winner’s circle, he claims his fly is another version of the Chernobyl Ant. No matter which version an angler might fish, the basic concept and design is the same: High density foam forms the abdomen and head, and rubber legs give the critter incredible lifelike action as the ant struggles in the water. The name suggests a mutant insect so true to form that the fly can be a myriad of colors, design schemes, etc. This year’s event is sure to entertain many different varieties as a result of Gary Eckman’s success. Eckman amassed 864 points for the amateur title.