1996 One Fly Event History

The World Scores Big

The 1996 One Fly celebration was highlighted by a three-crown win by members of foreign teams. Frank Hussey of Team Penn Tasmania captured the top amateur title with a score of 992 while Kiwi Pro Angler Tony Hayes was the Top Gun Pro winner. The amateur title went right down to the wire as Hussey edged out George Gibson of the High Flyers by a mere 12 points or one good trout. The largest trout was landed by Paul Vekemans of Belgium, a beautiful 21-inch Snake River Cutthroat. There were a dozen anglers within fractions of the winner.

Joe De Briyn’s L.A. Rods team fished on the top, using Chernobyl Ants, Double Humpies, and big dries on the upper Snake and South Fork to amass 1916 points and take the team title. The Boys team headed by local fly fishers, Stan Chatham and Peter Moyer, finished just 13 points ahead of team Sage to take second place. Moyer, a local legendary angler, sometimes attorney, always a piece of work, had scored 597 points on Saturday with a size 18 or smaller midge pattern, but dropped the ball, excuse us, the fly on Sunday, finishing third in all with 968 points. Peter planned to file suit claiming a fly that small deserves bonus points. We refer him to ” Johnny C,” our foundation lawyer on matters such as fly misrepresentation.

One of the major highlights of this year’s event was pro football Hall of Famer Merlin Olsen, our honorary chairman, and the wonderful sharing of his fishing and life’s experiences. He touched everyone in a special way and we hope to see him back again.

Winning Fly

Tasmania Tarantula

The angler can fish the Tarantula fly dry or wet. Size and color are its most important aspects. The fly tier has the ability to craft the fly to perform differently on each angler’s rod. There is no question that this too is a deadly fly. Ask Frank Hussey of Hobart Tasmania, our 1996 champ, who used the basic concept and design of the Tarantula to craft a highbred version, say, Aussie “down under” style, or as Frank calls it, a “Tassie Tarantula.” The deer hair and rubber legs gives the critter fly incredible lifelike action and the ant struggles in the water. It was good enough for Frank as he captured the 1996 amateur championship and added to the One Fly mystique.