1998 One Fly Event History

Back to Jackson Hole

It was back to Jackson Hole for the 1998 One Fly, but it seems that we brought the bad weather with us from Montana.

The first day, Saturday, was a gorgeous fall day except for the violent late evening thunderstorm! The next morning a wall of muddy water greeted the anglers as the river rose almost a foot on the upper sections of the Snake and the canyon sections below the Hoback. This left only the Wilson to South Park and South Park to the Hoback sections of the Snake River clear. Farther down river the South Fork section remained clear as Palisades Reservoir buffered the high water.

The Sunday water conditions added a special wrinkle to the event as each team had at least one angler on the South Fork in clear water and possibly only one angler in the clear sections of the Snake. Again as in Montana, black Wooly Bugger style streamers worked best in the muddy waters. Strong scores on the clear water Saturday and good Sunday South Fork scores made the difference on who placed high.

Each One Fly event produces “firsts” and the 1998 event was no different. It was the first time that two anglers, each fishing one day, combined to receive the high point angler award. Peter Moyer set a high point single day record (since the rules were changed to measure only 8 trout) on a size 18 Rusty Spinner, a daring feat in itself. On the second day in the muddy water Moyer chose a California Leech to score big again. Peter scored well the next day to end with a high score which led The Boys to another One Fly team championship. At the awards banquet, Moyer concluded that it was “dumb luck” not skill that earned him the title. “The reason fishing is so much fun has nothing to do with prowess,” Moyer told the crowd of participants, “its just fun!”

The highest individual score was turned in by Mike Fitzgerald and Brad Downey, each fished one day and scored a combined total of 1140 points. Both used rubber chernobyl type hybrids to lead the Frontier Fly Fishers to a third place finish in the team standing. Second place went to The Homeboy’s, a team sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. Team captain Dave Robinson scored big to win the Top Gun award. Mike Lawson also scored well to help The Homeboy’s.

Two new awards were given to the top guides. Elden Berrett of Idaho Falls, whose clients racked up 1744 points in two days was honored as South Fork top guide and Gary “The Wedge” Willmott scored 1566 points to become the Snake’s best scoring guide.

Adam Cohen received the Carmichael Memorial Award as the guide of the year and Mike Beckman won the Crosby-Carlsberg Award for sportsmanship.

Winning Fly

Rusty Spinner

The 1998 event was back at home on the Snake and South Fork. Peter Moyer led a close group of anglers by catching an amazing 44 fish on a Rusty Spinner. Day two allowed Brad Downey to score numerous points on a Chernobyl Ant variation. Brad Downey’s day two score combined with Mike Fitzgerald score the day before to clinch the individual award. Peter held on however to receive the highest point score for one person. It is a tough decision between Brad’s Chernobyl Ant and Peter’s Rusty Spinner. We called Peter’s high point fly, the Rusty Spinner, the winner.