1999 One Fly Event History

Fishing is Luck!

“Fishing is luck,” explained Sam Mavrakis the 1999 individual winner. Using a different fly each day, Sam scored big and walked away with the coveted title along with fly rods and other assorted gear.

Glorious sunshine and gin clear water greeted anglers for the One Fly weekend. Everyone enjoyed one of the best weather weekends during the One Fly history along with great fall river conditions. The trout were going for the big flies, Club Sandwiches, Chernobyls and foam creations that defy description. The fly that triumphed was the Amy’s Ant, as Frontier Fly Fishers team used the fly exclusively to vault them to first place. In 1997 Frontiers were dead last in the Livingston event.

Carter Andrews scored big and gathered the Top Gun title making him a two-time winner in both the professional and amateur category.

Jackson attorney and previous individual winner Peter Moyer set a one-day record of 772 points on Saturday only to stumble the next day with a 12-inch trout and a mess of tiny fish! Some people can’t handle success, Moyer commented, “even Tiger Woods has a bad fly fishing day.”

Winning Fly

Amy’s Ant

The foam bodies strike again with Jack Dennis’ variation of the Chernobyl Ant. The Frontier Fly Fishers cast to victory with this high floating ant pattern with all members using the creation. Joe Bressler scored over 700 points on Saturday setting a new high point score for the Professional Division using a two day old, used Amy’s Ant found on the floor of the guides car. He plans using the same fly again this year after 4 days of use and literally over 100 fish. This durable fly combines the good visibility of Elk hair with a Chernobyl style body. The under body sparkles with silver-flash chenille and dyed Grizzly hackle. Brown round rubber legs add to the killer swimming fly action to make this fly a new, popular addition to the One Fly winners.