2009 One Fly Event History

Import from Argentina flies in to win One Fly

Event was first fishing contest ever for pro brought to Jackson by local team Double Digits.

Rance Rathie really had no choice. Whether he wanted to or not, he had to make the trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Jackson for last weekend’s Jackson Hole One Fly.

That’s because his friends donated their frequent flier miles to buy him a plane ticket. So Rathie, an Argentina-based fishing guide originally from Bozeman, Mont., came to Jackson to compete in the first fishing contest of his life.

He made the best of it.

Rathie totaled a score of 1,133 points to win the pro division of the 24th annual One Fly. His performance was also good enough to help propel his team – the Double Digits – to the team title. Double Digits captain Kay Jones, a Jackson resident who has only missed two One Fly events in her life, said it was worth it.

“We surprised him with a United mileage ticket,” Jones said. “After we won, we said, ‘Everybody start saving up your miles for next year.’”

Oddly, Rathie got a little help from another continent to win the event. Jones’ friend, Peter Carty, of New Zealand, made the fly that Ranthie used to win the title. The fly is called the Kiwi Ant Fly and features a foam body with rubber ant legs.

“He made the tie and shipped it over,” Jones said.

Rathie, who owns Patagonia River Guides in Argentina, said he was unsure what to expect when he arrived in Jackson for the event.

“I thought it was awesome,” he said. “I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was going to be fun, but I had no idea it would be that much fun. The fishing tournament aspect and keeping the one fly on made it fun.”

After spending his fishing career as a guide, Rathie was excited to be on the other end of the sport.

“I’ve never won anything,” he said. “Actually winning it was a surprise. I didn’t expect to lose. There was a lot of good fishermen there. The way I saw it, 25 percent were amateur to mediocre, 25 percent were pretty good, 25 percent were excellent and 25 percent  were pros in my class. I was up against a lot of good fishermen.”

Rathie helped the Double Digits post a narrow win. The team beat the Fishscalers 1,974 to 1,971. Joining Jones and Rathie on Double Digits were Whitney McDowell, Susie McDowell and Missy Falcey.

The team held meetings Saturday and Sunday at 6 a.m. during breakfast at the Gun Barrel Steak and Game House and even had a coach – Rathie’s friend Travis Smith.

“When we left the Gun Barrel, Travis said to us, ‘Don’t lose your dinks,’” Jones said. “So, I was yelling to everyone, ‘Don’t lose your dinks.’”

Dinks – or any fish under 12 inches – count for 2 points.

“I think that was the difference, considering how close it was,” Jones said.

The Double Digits had plenty of adversity to fight through, as well, including a bent hook Falcey fished with on Saturday.

“We tried to file it, but it did not fish all day,” Jones said. “We still had challenges. That’s what makes it all the more rewarding.”

Rathie’s 1,133 paced Double Digits. Susie McDowell scored 252, Whitney McDowell 245, Jones 317 and Falcey 27.

Don Pegler, of Lincoln, Neb., won the Top Amateur individual award with a score of 918, which included a 677 on Saturday. Pegler credited his guides, from Southfork Outfitters, which his score.

“I’m an OK fly fisherman,” he said. “But these guides make the difference.”

This was Pegler’s third year in the event, and first win.

“It just came together,” he said. “It was the right fly and it was the guides telling me where to put it. The wind blew it into the right spot when it needed to be there.”

Pegler fished with Bosworth’s Bitchin’ Frizzy Golden Stone fly. Bob Williamson, who caught this year’s largest fish at 23 inches, a brown trout caught on the South Fork, fished his own fly creation, the BSF.

There were several other awards given for the event.

Guide of the year was Jason Pruitt, of Lodge of Palisades. Top Guide for Wyoming was Brandon Murphy. Top Guide for Idaho was Mike Bean.

Third-place team was Team USA, captained by Walter Ungermann.

By Brandon ZimmermanJackson Hole News & Guide

The article is reprinted with the permission of the Jackson Hole News and Guide

Winning Fly

Bosworth's Bitchin’ Frizzy

The Bosworth’s Bitchin’ Frizzy was the winning one fly for 2009. This fly was tied by South Fork Guide Jason Bosworth and was fished by Don Pegler, III of the Cornhusker Fly Fishers team. The fly worked equally well on the Snake as well as the South Fork. For a change, weather in 2009 was nice, which is very favorable for big dry flies. Bosworth’s Bitchin’ Frizzy is a fly that has not yet been released to one of the fly tying companies, so you can bet it will be tied locally for future years of use in the One Fly competition. The One Fly contest has been the catalyst for developing and perfecting new and innovative flies for many years and this 2009 winner is no exception.