2010 One Fly Event History

Winning Fly

Brown Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph

When asked for advice most One Fly guides offer a variety of foam giants, small dries, streamers and even small nymphs on the South Fork. When Harry Spooner asked veteran South Fork guide Ed Emory for advice at the upper South Fork launch on Sunday, Ed pulled out several identical #8 flies that resembled some type of small animal dropping with rubber bands hanging out.

Misgiving welled up in Harry. In a previous One Fly, Harry had lost a nymph that the guide encouraged him to use within 30 minutes and scored a zero for the day. Fortunately Ed’s reputation preceded him. He knows where trout lie, what they eat and the location of every nymph grabbing snag. Harry took the advice, a brown rubberleg stonefly nymph. The result – 722 points including a 22 incher.